What is MetaGuard Cloud & How does it work?

Why Should I Use MetaGuard Cloud? What is the Difference of MetaGuard Cloud?

- The versions of your backups stored on MetaGuard Cloud will never affect your quota. Whatever space it occupies on your computer, the space it occupies in MetaGuard Cloud is the same. For example; assuming that your 50GB database file is backed up every hour, 720 different backup versions per month are created on MetaGuard Cloud. The space it occupies in Metaguard Cloud with all versions is always 50GB for you. For this, it is enough to buy a 100GB Pro Package.

- Files deleted by you (whether intentionally, by mistake or maliciously) are stored in MetaGuard Cloud for up to 60 days. Deleted files also do not affect your quota. For example; You have 90GB files. You deleted 50GB files. While your quota appears as 40GB full, at the same time, your deleted data of 50GB is stored free of charge by MetaGuard Cloud for 60 days. Within 60 days, you can easily retrieve your deleted files with their versions whenever you want.

What are MetaGuard Cloud Conveniences?

- Affordable Price Policy
- Ease of use from the panel
- Unlimited and flexible versioning simplicity
- Ease of central administration
- Compliance with KVKK as the data is stored in an encrypted manner domestically
- Ransomware & Cryptolocker warning and protection system
- Instant backup of your data

To Understand the Importance of Data Backup, it is first necessary to know why data loss occurs in the first place. Various reasons can contribute to the onset of an event that results in data loss.

Cyber Attacks: Cyber Security is an absolute must for businesses. Businesses and organizations, large and small, are always under the threat of data breach by cyber criminals. By exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems or networks, hackers can steal, delete or corrupt data and damage the entire system.

Hardware Failure: This is one of the most common causes of data loss. Hardware failures can occur for a variety of reasons, including hard drive crashes, power outages, physical damage to storage devices. Such damage can occur at any time as all electrical devices are susceptible to sudden damage without prior notice.

Human Error: Data loss can also occur due to human error. Accidental deletion, formatting the wrong drive, overwriting files, misusing storage media are some of the common mistakes that can lead to data loss.

Natural Disasters: Although not very common, natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes can damage data storage hardware and cause data loss.

Theft or Loss of Devices: If you are not in the habit of backing up data regularly, the loss or theft of laptops, phones or other storage devices can lead to data loss.

Software Problems: Apart from faulty hardware issues, data can also be lost due to software issues. Viruses, malware, bugs and software crashes can corrupt or delete valuable data.


End Data Loss with MetaGuard Cloud!

From MetaGuard Cloud's private panel, you can easily manage and control the backups of all your data to the cloud within your authorization.

With MetaGuard Cloud, you can securely access your files from anywhere where there is internet and continue your work with your teammates without interruption.

Your files are transferred by end-to-end encryption. Your data is secured against Cyber Attacks, Data Sniffing, Virus and malicious people, and data integrity is protected.

Easy Management

Use from anywhere

Safe Storage

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How to Avoid Ransomware Attacks

- Most importantly, back up your data to MetaGuard Cloud periodically.
- Whenever possible, keep a copy of your backups outside your company network.
- Do not open attachments from e-mail addresses that you are not sure of their reliability.
- Regularly perform security updates of the operating system.
- Make sure that the applications you use on your computer are up to date.
- Use an Antivirus or EDR and make sure it is up to date.
- Use a firewall on your corporate network.


Back up your data in 3 simple steps

Data is the most valuable asset for all kinds of private and legal institutions and organizations. With MetaGuard Cloud, you can ensure the security of your data with the most cost-effective and least labor force.

  • Create your Metaguard Cloud account
  • Install Backup Now
  • Back up your important data
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ransomware & Cryptolocker (Fidye Virüsü) bulaştığında Metaguard Cloud uygulaması hizmet vermeye devam eder mi?

    MetaGuard Cloud is not affected by malware in any way. Even if a ransomware virus encrypts all your data, it will still work. If you turn on Cryptolocker notifications from the MetaGuard Cloud Administration Panel, the system will send you an SMS alert when a ransomware virus infects your computer or server. Restoring your data is also quite simple. All you need to do is to identify the time of the ransomware infection and restore your folders to an earlier time in MetaGuard Cloud.

  • If my computer is infected with a virus, will it also damage the cloud?

    No malware on your computer can infect MetaGuard Cloud servers. MetaGuard Cloud runs the data through the necessary security checks and saves it to the storage servers via web api. Meanwhile, an extra layer of cyber security works and provides controlled input. For this reason, your data in our cloud is not affected by any malware including (Ransomware & Cryptolocker) due to ransom viruses.

  • Do you see our data?

    MetaGuard Cloud has no data processing policy similar to other data storage brands. For Cyber Security purposes, your data is transferred end-to-end in an encrypted and two-way manner. It is cryptographically stored on our storage servers. No one, including our management, software and technical staff, can see your personal data. It is not possible to access your data in any way other than you and the users you authorize.

  • Which license should I get?

    - If you don't have SQL data and only want to back up files and mail, you can get MetaGuard Cloud Backup Now Standard license depending on the size of your data.
    - If you have SQL data, you can get MetaGuard Cloud Backup Now Professional license. You can also backup your file and mail data.
    - If you need to work with online office applications in a common folder from different locations as a team, you can get Metaguard Cloud nDocs Workspace license


Protect your app with two-factor authentication

Depending on the service you use, you have several options. Below you can see the most commonly used methods:

1. SMS Message : Via text message you will receive a four to six digit code that you need to enter to access your account.
2. Authentication App : You use authenticator apps that manage your security codes for you.
3. Hardware Security Key : You install a physical hardware key on your computer that authenticates your identity.

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